Meet our founder

In Norway, he is recognized for his enormous passion for skin care and as an aspiring entrepreneur, winning Gründerspireprisen in 2015. In his twenties today, however at the age of fourteen, Vemund Eldegard had a vision to cure his own skin needs without being a consumer on the beauty market. "Why wasn't luxury beauty simple, accessible and hard-working? I needed something that was simple, easy and effective."

After throwing out every skin care product in his bathroom shelves, he started formulating products for himself. Simple, accessible and hard-working became the core of the product vision. It is this minimalistic, but smart way of thinking that flourished the start of an innovative cosmetic line launched in selective stores only in 2013. 

Trusted by Norwegians and sold both nationally and internationally. ELDE started small in Vemund's home-kitchen in 2009. "Today we still develop, produce and package our products ourselves, but in our innovative facility in Førde. We feel that this is the only right way to do it, and to truly have complete control of what actually goes in our precious bottles."

"My vision is to continue finding innovative alternatives to the beauty market. I want to make peoples life easier – and safer. I want to make skin care and beauty fun! More natural ingredients, more effective products."