The dream foundation

Hello friends,

I am the founder of ELDE. I have been thinking about launching a foundation for years. Ever since I started ELDE, my goal was always to build a solid high-quality collection of products – and I have truly accomplished that. But foundation.. that is truly a new level. There is so much to think about.

I have been working in the lab for hours trying to find the best natural and organic foundation formula. Literally hours. The reason why I find this so hard is simple. 1. I know it sucks to not find your shade match. 2. Often the texture doesn't fit you or feels strange from an organic brand. 3. It cracks and creases too fast. 4. It doesn't last long at all.

A foundation is like you, only better. It can be your best friend, and sometimes when your skin sucks, it can be your worst enemy. I personally want to look amazing all day by wearing a foundation from ELDE, that is why it is taking so long to launch, and this is why I want to talk to you.

So far, here are some of the thoughts that I have. Long-lasting coverage, less creasing, more shades, non-greasy, light texture. No synthetic pigments or preservatives, PEGs, silicone, acrylate film-formers and fragrance-free. But I am mostly interested in knowing what your thoughts are!

I have seen reviews of other brands where many of you say that you apply two layers of foundation because very often it only delivers light to medium coverage. This is why I am thinking medium to full coverage. You can use less product and less time.

I have also read that the shade range has been too bad on many of the previously launched foundations. A few light shades, a lot of medium and a few dark shades simply doesn't cut it for everyone. Should we take the jump and launch 20 shades? What shades should we focus on?

To help me release this amazing dream of mine, please discuss with me your dream foundation. What are you currently using, and what is the problem with it? Is it the shades? The wear? The texture? What ingredients should we add? I am thinking anti-pollution actives, what are you thinking? What about the packaging? I really want to hear from you.

Everyone who contributes in the comments below will be getting early access, more information and a VIP discount price at the launch date.












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